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There are a number of ways that you can help the Chicago Foundation of Education further its mission to enhance teacher quality and support the professional growth of teachers in the Chicago Public School system while making a positive impact on thousands of students across the city. Whether you’d like to visit a school to observe our teachers, review grant applications submitted for our programs, or help out with our annual Workshop, your help as a CFE volunteer will be a rewarding experience.

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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities with CFE
Volunteer at CFE’s 2019 Teacher Workshop on October 26, 2019 at Pulaski International School of Chicago.
Interested in learning more about this volunteer opportunity? Click HERE for more information or complete our online Volunteer Form.

Review Applications


Did you know that every grant application to CFE is evaluated by at least three separate volunteers? We host review opportunities each November, December, February, March, May, and July, and encourage you to participate as you’re able.

Some of these reviews are completed independently, while others are conducted in a more collaborative, roundtable fashion. No prior experience reading or writing grant proposals is necessary.

Visit a School

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Are you interested in visiting the classroom of one of our outstanding, award-winning teachers? Each April and May, we match up many of our 260+ Small Grant winners with a CFE volunteer-observer.

These observations generally last about 30 minutes, and take place in schools throughout the city. We will coordinate with you to find a location that works best for you, and you will communicate directly with your assigned teacher(s) to determine a mutually agreeable observation date and time. 

Help with Workshop


Each fall, CFE hosts a teacher Workshop. It is an enormous undertaking for the CFE staff, as the event offers many presentations by CFE award-winning teachers, grant-writing sessions, and student performances.

In order to successfully put on an event of this magnitude, we need many dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers to assist both with our set-up and our day-of operations. Workshop volunteers help with everything from attendee registration to assisting presenters with preparing for their sessions.

Interested in volunteering at this year’s Workshop? Complete the online volunteer interest form HERE.

Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter to stay informed about future opportunities.